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Family Ministries

Arise Alliance Church of Quartzsite was founded on reaching the young families of Quartzsite. For 40 years we have made it our goal to show the love of God to this often overlooked group. 



The Alliance Church's goal is to support young families navigating the ups and downs that come with modern parenting. Through counseling, and one-on-one support, the Alliance Church is here to be point them to the foundation of Jesus.



Our Teen group (PULSE) has been going strong for almost two decades. From out-of- town trips, to 1/2 night events, to weekly gatherings, the Alliance Church is a haven for teens as they navigate these formable years.



Children are modeled as the greatest in the Kingdom of God because of their inherit trust in God. We at the Alliance Church want to foster this trust so we make room for children to be kids in a safe environment.

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